Here are some first-hand impressions of my coaching and its impact.

Ollie Critchlow – Client

“The coaching was a true awakening for me. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t work anything out. With the help of Sarah and her coaching she helped open doors for me that have now escalated me on to a completely new path – new qualifications, new career, new levels of health, new outlook …

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Bev Acton – Client

“Sarah is a natural leader and an incredibly powerful coach; confident, humble and authentic. I trust Sarah completely and I know without a shadow of a doubt than when she’s coaching me she’s 100% with me and ‘all in’. I go where I need to go in our sessions quickly because Sarah creates and holds …

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Janez Sever SJ – Client

“Sarah was the right ‘fit’ for me from the very beginning. From the very first session, I found her to be a superb listener. Every session which I had with her took me one step further in my development as a leader. She helped me at a time when I was going into a totally …

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Inge Wilson – Client

“I feel like you can sit with difficult stuff. When you respond with willingness to be on the end of the phone I feel welcomed. It feels a safe, confidential space. You don’t try to ‘fix’. I would describe your approach as creative. I love the way you come at things in a way that …

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