Ollie Critchlow – Client

“The coaching was a true awakening for me. I was stuck in a rut and couldn't work anything out. With the help of Sarah and her coaching she helped open doors for me that have now escalated me on to a completely new path - new qualifications, new career, new levels of health, new outlook of life... a complete change of direction but for the better!!

What I value most about the coaching i received, is where I am now.... I was able to turn everything upside down with confidence, and start again with the courage and bravery I needed.

Sarah is very easy to talk to. Calm, soft, approachable, fun, gentle and just brilliant. She creates an atmosphere that's easy to jump in to and after each session she shows you the work you've done. This balance creates a craving and a desire to get more out.

Keep doing what you're doing, Sarah. I can't thank you enough for everything. It will always be the starting page for me, and where I am now, and wherever I end up too.