Why Coaching

sarah-pic-2I want to help people listen to themselves with the ears of their ears awake. To treat themselves with the deep respect and compassion they tend to reserve for others.

The point of it

There are times in most people’s life when they know they want more. Their best self isn't getting lived. Whether at work, or in relationships, or more generally, something doesn't fit. Too small. Confining. Scary. Out of balance. Dull. Unfulfilling. And that’s frustrating.

Coaching co-creates change with a client. Articulating your deepest values, desires and goals helps indicate what will be most fulfilling for you.

Conscious choice (living much less at the mercy of unconscious pressures, blockers and nasty voices, and much more in an awareness of what is going on) gives you strength in choosing how you respond. And then you are ready to plan and act, taking true responsibility for things you can and want to change, setting these as goals, and letting the rest go.

The usefulness of it

Coaching is accompaniment beyond the point where, alone, we might give up. It helps us navigate transition. It offers perspectives we haven’t thought of. It provides direction. It identifies self-limiting beliefs. It asks the questions we are avoiding.

Being accountable to someone else sharpens focus and makes it easier to take action. It’s like sharing brains, eyes and hearts for a short period in order to have access to suddenly and dramatically more than we have available on our own. That can be very confidence-building.

The person who is generous with themselves in engaging thoroughly with coaching really sees their life change.

The joy of it
  • Eureka moments
  • Sense of freedom
  • An unlocking
  • Rich possibilities
  • Waving goodbye to habits & blocks that have kept you stuck
  • Relief
  • Building initiative and courage
  • Daring to dream bigger
What we will do
  • Clarify where you are now, where you want to be, and what lies between.
  • Explore values and desires.
  • Set goals that are true to your reality and your self.
  • Plan and take action to reach these goals, addressing any blockers that occur.
  • Listen, attend to and notice all that is going on as your journey evolves.

We do all of these co-actively; together. The goal is to build your power throughout this process.

What we won’t do

There are no magic wands. Sorry! Coaching does not SOLVE: rather, it helps you access your own power, choice and responsibility, and become skilled in using them. It increases your mastery of your life.

Will we fit?

We will fit if:

  • You really want change.
  • You’re ready to feel uncomfortable and stretched in service of your own growth. Feel free to resent me at times- I don’t mind. I’m not doing my job if we just bob along happily in shallow water.
  • You are sincere, value authenticity, and welcome self-knowledge.
  • You’re fallible and vulnerable. So am I.

We won't fit if:

  • You want me to fix you. I know you’re not broken- no-one can fix things that aren't broken.
  • You want ME to bring about the change. Only you can do that. I'm not a fad diet.
  • You know that all the problems are someone else’s fault. ‘Whose fault it is’ changes nothing, so it’s not always useful. Coaching helps you focus on what you can change. It is present-to-future.
  • You want me to exert power. My job is to help YOU exert power.